• Our Vision

    To be the number one developer of brands and products for the outdoor lifestyle markets.

  • Our Purpose

    To improve the lives of our consumers by providing products of superior value that promote a healthy outdoor lifestyle, create precious memories and experiences, enhance safety and protection from harm, increase mobility and comfort, and feature the latest technologies to better accomplish outdoor activities.

  • Our Core Values

    • Ethics
    • Hard Work
    • Realizing Our Potential
    • Continuous Learning
    • Customer Focus
    • Innovation and Creativity

  • Statement of Quality

    Sellmark’s culture of continual improvement provides an exceptional customer experience by delivering unique, reliable products and services that exceed expectations at the best value on the market.


Dealer Requirements and Brand Policies

Standard Conditions

• All orders, special programs and/or terms are only valid if written and accepted by Sellmark
• Pricing, terms and other programs may change without notice but all attempts are made to limit program changes to two times per year (usually around January and July) with advance notice
• Shipments are based from our Mansfield Texas warehouse, billed to customer or using a customer's freight account. UPS is the default shipping vendor but others may be available upon request

Direct Authorized Dealers Requirements

• Approved dealer application, export compliance, policy compliance and maintaining current balance are required to be an Authorized Dealer
• Authorized Dealer minimum requirements are $2,000 initial purchase order or $10,000 per year in sales
• Authorized Drop ship Dealer minimum requirements are $25,000 per yea r in sales; plus a direct to consumer processing fee ($2 for orders less than $70 and $7 for orders more than $70 will be applied)

Non-Direct Authorized Dealers Requirements

• Non-qualifying accounts maybe Authorized Dealers if they buy from Authorized Distributors and agree to follow brand policies. For a list of Authorized Distributors please contact your representative for details

Return Policy/Defects

• Dealer defective returns are for credit or replacement and require a return authorization number (RA#)
• Dealers pay shipping for return item(s)
• End-user defects are processed directly by warranty/ Quality Assurance department

Stock Balancing

• If new regular program item(s) has been properly merchandised in a store for a minimum of 6 months, direct dealers may qualify to return the item(s) for credit; however the returned item(s) will no longer be available for future orders (contact your representative for details)

MAP Policy

• MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) is in place to ensure price integrity of products in the market
• Special marketing campaigns or promotional activities below MAP pricing maybe granted but must be for a short duration, include a direct marketing component and be approved in writing by Sellmark (contact your representative for details)
• Sellmark reserves the right to suspend or adjust a MAP for any product at any time

Merchandising Policy

• Customers will be required to update product images,pricing, technical and other information within a reasonable time frame
• Establishment of stores, listings or distribution on third party sites (ie Ebay, Amazon, or Gun Broker) without written permission, is strictly forbidden
• Customers should train their staff to be able to present Sellmark products in a professional, honest and knowledgeable manner

Merchandising & MAP Enforcement Policy

• Sellmark may cease shipments for items that violate merchandising or MAP policies
• Dealers who continually fail to follow the policy may lose Authorized Dealer status and be barred for selling Sellmark brands

Export Limitations and Other Legal Issues

• Establishment of distribution channels outside the United States without written permission is strictly forbidden
• Sales and export outside the U.S. may require a license
• Sellmark and its employees cannot offer legal advice. Each Sellmark customer is responsible for following foreign, federal, state and local laws. Please seek legal counsel for export, regulatory and all other legal issues


General Email: info@sellmark.net
Electronic Orders: orders@sellmark.net
General Sales: sales@sellmark.net
General Accounting: accounting@sellmark.net
General Marketing: marketing@sellmark.net
General Shipping: shipping@sellmark.net
General Technical Support: support@sellmark.net
Report Dealer MAP or other Policy Violations: compliance@sellmark.net

Sellmark Headquarters

2201 Heritage Parkway
Mansfield, TX 76063
817.225.0310 Main Phone
817.394.1628 Fax
Website: www.sellmark.net

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