• Our Vision

    To be the number one developer of brands and products for the outdoor lifestyle markets.

  • Our Purpose

    To improve the lives of our consumers by providing products of superior value that promote a healthy outdoor lifestyle, create precious memories and experiences, enhance safety and protection from harm, increase mobility and comfort, and feature the latest technologies to better accomplish outdoor activities.

  • Our Core Values

    • Ethics
    • Hard Work
    • Realizing Our Potential
    • Continuous Learning
    • Customer Focus
    • Innovation and Creativity

  • Statement of Quality

    Sellmark’s culture of continual improvement provides an exceptional customer experience by delivering unique, reliable products and services that exceed expectations at the best value on the market.


Sales Manager Chris Aylor Receives Promotion to Director

MANSFIELD, TEXAS (May 3, 2013) – Sales Force Development Manager Chris Aylor recently accepted his promotion to Director of Domestic Sales, overseeing Sellmark Corporation’s Domestic Sales Team. Major responsibilities include managing Sales relationships with outdoor stores across the U.S., as well as hiring, training and career development of a growing sales force.
“For me, this is a great opportunity to be part of the growth at Sellmark,” said Aylor. “Any way I can contribute to the company’s success and be of use is what I get excited about. This position also gives me several different challenges, which I enjoy.” Under the direction of Aylor, a new team lead program and sales management program were implemented to outline clear career paths within the Sales Department and to offer Sellmark scalability as customer relationships grow. Sellmark’s goal behind these programs is to improve the overall quality of the Sales for a greater understanding of customer needs.
“At Sellmark, we strive to have the best sales force in the industry that truly addresses customer needs. Chris Aylor has proven, through his expertise and professionalism, that he is the perfect candidate for this position,” said President James Sellers. “He shares the same vision of wanting to drive the Sales Team to help customers achieve their goals.”
The Domestic Team is now broken down into the team members with a team lead organized by market. The team lead positions, which are open for new candidates every quarter, are responsible for ensuring their group makes their quarterly sales goals and helps to develop each team members’ professional potential.
“We are constantly looking for ways to get better as a sales staff,” said Aylor. “So you can expect many changes that help us achieve the company vision, which is to be the No. 1 developer of brands and products for the outdoor lifestyle markets.”